Posted by: amyedwards | July 29, 2007

Flying Solo

Flying Solo  Noah got his first bike (with training wheels, of course) for his 5th birthday back in January.  Before then, he had always enjoyed his big tricycle.  It took a little while to get him to give up the comfort and security of the tricycle, but he finally gave the bike a try.  After several months, he had mastered riding with training wheels, so I thought it was time to remove them.  At first, he was very excited and couldn’t wait to try with my help.  But it didn’t take long before he realized that part of learning was mom letting go sometimes.  He immediately lost interest in even trying and it was a month or more before I could get him back on.  In the meantime, he begged me to put the training wheels back on, but I stuck to my guns! 

We started working really hard on it again this past week, and on Friday he was Flying Solo!  He is still most comfortable if I’m running along side of him (just in case), but he’s doing great on his own!

P.S.  In case you were wondering, those are his football pants (pads and all) he is wearing in the picture.  He is still wearing them on a daily basis!



  1. That is a great picture! The look on his face is pure joy!!!

  2. That’s great! Gives Mom a little exercise too! You’ve done such a great job with your blog.

  3. I can just hear him yelling “Look at me”

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