Posted by: amyedwards | August 14, 2007

Colby’s 3rd Birthday

Captain Colby  For Colby’s 3rd birthday, there was only one way to celebrate!  Colby loves firetrucks!  (By the way, until very recently, a firetruck was called a tee-tee in our home:))  So, for Colby’s birthday party, Daddy got a huge firetruck slide inflatable for the kids to play on.  It was so much fun – except that it was about 100 degrees outside.  While Colby and all of his invited friends were playing, a great surprise rounded the corner.  A REAL FIRETRUCK!  I had called the local fire department and asked them if they could make a surprise visit to the party!  They were so happy to come, as long as they didn’t have an emergency at the same time.  Lucky for us, there were no emergencies on the morning of August 4th! 

Colby and all of his friends were so excited to see the truck.  The fireman was very kind and allowed any and all of the children (and there were a lot of them) to get inside the truck, blow the horn, turn on the sirens, and take a tour of all of things on the truck!  After the firetruck left, we ate pizza and cake!  Then all of the kids had a great time breaking into a firetruck pinata! 

It really was a great party!  Happy Birthday, Colby!!!  You are the sweetest boy and Mommy loves you very much. 


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