Posted by: amyedwards | August 29, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday –

wfmwheader1.jpg Until today, Noah’s school allowed parents to join their child for lunch only on Friday.  Noah loves for us to come, but, truthfully, it is really a 25 minute hassle – sad to say!  I mean, while I enjoy being there for Noah (especially since he enjoys it), it’s not like I’m really spending time with him.  Kindergarteners are not allowed to talk for the first 10 minutes of lunch (to encourage them to eat), and parents are asked to adhere to the rule.  Additionally, they want siblings to adhere as well.  Okay!  Do you know how difficult it is already to take Colby and Addilyn with me, but then you want me to keep them seated and quiet for 10 minutes!  Are you kidding me???  Anyway, good news came today!  Because of the overwhelming desire for parents to share in my misery on Fridays, parents are now welcome to come any day they choose.  Woo-Hoo!  I choose Wednesday – since Colby is still in school at 11:35.  And just as lunch ends, it will be time to get Colby and leave.  Yes, I’ll still be dragging Addilyn along for lunch, but keeping her quiet for 10 minutes isn’t so hard.  After all, isn’t that what a paci is for? So, ironically, Wednesday really does work for me!

Next Wednesday, I’ll provide a helpful hint, suggestion, favorite item, etc. – since that is what WFMW is really all about!  See Rocks in my Dryer for more WFMW.


  1. When I saw “School Visits” I got so excited because I thought I was the only Christian mom blogger out here who wasn’t homeschooling. Anyway, congratulations on getting that changed. My kids are a few years past elementary school now, but I remember facing those same challenges. As if it never occurred to the schhol administration that if they’re hungry, they’ll eat. For my kids, after a few afternnons facing ravenous hunger, they ate their lunch at lunch time. God bless you.

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