Posted by: amyedwards | September 5, 2007

Is it worth it . . .

. . . my husband asked.  He’s talking, of course, about the clothes, toys, baby bedding, car seats, maternity clothes, etc.  piled up in my living room to take to the church consignment sale tomorrow.  If you are wondering why I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday, there’s your answer.  It really isn’t that much trouble to get the items in the computer and tagged.  The trouble is getting it all out and finding a place to store it while you work on it all.  I’m not one for clutter and messes, so it has been driving me crazy.  And to top that off, we had company on Labor Day, so I had to take it all back downstairs (out of sight) and then bring it back up to finish things up.  (Glad to do that though, because we had a great time with friends!)

So, to answer his question, “Is it worth it?”  We shall see in a couple of weeks.  I’ll update you when my check comes in the mail! 



  1. I wish you didn’t have to do all that for your company! 🙂

    And I hope all your hard work is worth it. One sale I did was totally NOT worth it, but the one I did this spring was awesome! Good luck!

  2. Like I said, the company was definitely worth it!

  3. I think it will be worth it. I know I always feel better when I clear out a lot of clutter. The challenge for me is to not replace the things I’ve purged with more clutter. Kids (especially toddlers, and I have 1) can accumulate a lot of stuff. Good luck at your sale, and thanks for visiting my site and leaving such wonderful feedback. I appreciate it.

  4. You know it’s pretty important company when you drag stuff all the way downstairs and back. Ha Can’t count the number of times I have done that but it feels good when you get it done.

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