Posted by: amyedwards | September 24, 2007

Football Fever!!!

In Action! #18 One of my first posts was about Little League Football and how my family is now right in the middle of it!  Truthfully, at the time of that post, I was NOT looking forward to it all.  I am not and have never been a fan of football.  I don’t understand it, and until now, I’ve had no desire to learn!  BUT, when your baby is involved, things change.  Noah absolutely loves playing and his mommy loves watching him play.  He puts so much heart into it and works so hard at his position of defensive lineman.  Truthfully, he hasn’t quite grasped that the object is to get to where the ball is (I just learned that myself), but he and the offensive guard he is up against enjoy wrestling around while the ball is in play!  Really, you should see it!  His team, the Jaguars, are 4 and 0 with four games left to play before playoffs.  Anyway, I can’t believe how much I’m getting into this!  Now that I’m forced to actually watch a game (albeit 5 and 6 year olds), I’m starting to understand it more.  I even watched a Colts game with Chanch this past Sunday and enjoyed it!  There’s hope for me yet!



  1. This is just the beginning! I realized the other day that we have at least 14 years of Friday night football ahead of us! Wow! We just ahve to balance that with some girl time. Although I do like a good Georgia football game and will actually watch it!

    He is so cute!

  2. You just don’t know how happy this makes me! 🙂

  3. Hey, Amy! Where you been, girl? That’s a cute little football player you’ve got out there. I take it everyone is feeling better now than they were the last time you posted.

  4. Clueless about football? Join my club. I asked my husband about that little yellow line that kept “disappearing” on the football game on TV and he informed me it was not really there on the field. But watch, I told him…they keep stepping on it. Then I felt him staring at me with incredulous eyes. I said, “I’m not sure you fully grasp my ignorance of this sport.”

    His eyes were opened that day.

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