Posted by: amyedwards | September 24, 2007

Not one of my prouder moments!

If you know me, you know that I am a pretty conservative dresser.  In fact, some people (including my husband) tend to think I dress a little too “old” for my age.  The truth is, I don’t have a fashionable bone in my body.  I just know what matches and whether or not it’s comfortable.  If you happen to see me in something that is “in style”, you can bet someone either bought it for me or picked it out.  It’s just not a priority for me – sorry Kerri:( 

So, I said all of that to tell you my latest embarrassing moment:  I left the house this morning in shorts a little shorter than what I usually wear and a cotton tank top shirt.  Now, for those of you who don’t know me (and even those who do), before you start to think too much into this, let me tell you that my shorts probably would not be considered short by the average person and my tank top was not even spaghetti straps or low cut whatsoever.  Anyway, I picked Colby up from school and went on to Walmart for a few groceries.  I’m moving right along down the aisle.  I look up and the pastor of my church is coming toward me.  I don’t have on a stitch of makeup (except lipstick) and my hair is in a ponytail.  So, I’m hoping he won’t recognize me.  After all, it’s not like we’ve ever really spoken in length.  Wrong – he does!  We speak, and I move on.  I didn’t really give much thought to it, after all, I was somewhat hidden behind a buggy full of groceries!  But, my appearance did cross my mind.  I think to myself, “Okay, no big deal.”  I run into him once again clear on the other side of Walmart.  We speak, yet again, but I’m still not overly concerned.  I did, however, look down as soon as we passed to make sure my shirt had not shifted while carrying the baby, etc. and gave my shorts a little tug.   I go ahead and check out with no more thought of the pastor.  I go out to my car in the HUGE parking lot of Walmart.  I put the babies in the car and get ready to put my groceries in the back.  The seats on our third row were up leaving very little room for groceries.  So, I stand on the back of my Landcruiser and bend completely over to lower the seats.  Just as I step off the back of my car, who do you think is within 10 feet away?  Yes, my pastor who is parked directly next to me.  It’s not bad enough that I’m just a little uncomfortable in the store, but then I have to be completely mortified in the parking lot with my butt sticking out of the back of my shorts car!  We speak, again, and I leave.  On the way home, I try to tell myself that it was no big deal, that I’m just dressed out of my comfort zone.  But then I walk in the door at home.  What is the first thing my husband says to me (with that look in his eye)?  “I sure do like that outfit.” 

So, if you’re reading this and you know of a good church, let me know!



  1. ROFL!!!! I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! Soooo wish I could have been there to catch a glimpse of you mooning Ronnie! Ha!

  2. Funny story! Figures the one day you wear something a little out of the ordinary, this would happen. On the flip side, at least your husband liked it.

  3. A good church would be Glen Haven Baptist.I would like to know your pastor next message

  4. That is hilarious–in an “Oh, I’m so sorry” kind of way. That would be so embarrassing. You could come visit my church if you have a mind to travel to Mississippi

  5. I can PROMISE you that is nothing compared to what I have heard that he has seen or heard over the years! I don’t know what it is about Wal-Mart. That is the only place I have run into him in 10 years outsie of church. I thought you were going to say your boob was hanging out orf something!

  6. Michele, I don’t have boobs, but I do have a butt!

  7. Hey Amy, your pastor called me right after he got home. Said he couldn’t find those shorts in Walmart; asked if I knew where you bought them! Guess he thought his wife would look good in them too!!! ha ha

  8. So funny and a great story. Hey who cares as long as your husband liked it that’s the main thing.

    I will definitely have to pass this on to my wife.

    Steve Davis, Calgary, Alberta

  9. That is hillarious. I needed to hear that today.I’m sure brother Ronnie didn’t think anything about it. He’s got a wife and kids. Of course, her thighs are more tone than ours. Sorry! I saw him tonight. He only told a few people.

  10. That song “Baby got back” suddenly comes to mind for some reason!! 🙂
    Too funny!

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