Posted by: amyedwards | October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Chanch

It’s highly unlikely, but in the off chance he decides to actually read my blog, I want to take a minute today to wish my sweet husband Happy Birthday!  I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who loves me more today than he did nearly 13 years ago when we married.  He is everything I ever dreamed of having in a husband and as a father for our children.  He is faithful, loving, generous, kind, forgiving, respectful, ambitious, thoughtful, and he consistently takes care of his family.  On top of all of that, he gets better looking every time I see him!  But most important to me, he is godly.  I’m so thankful that in my home, going to church each week is a given.  I never have to ask, I know we are going.  Our children know we are going.  He works that much harder to send our children to a Christian school so we can build on the Christian foundation we have given them.  He consistently gives our tithes to God and makes sure our children have offering each week to give.  I love watching him sit and review our boys’ memory verses with them to make sure they don’t just know them for memory, but that they understand their meaning.  I love the joy that comes across his face when Noah comes home from school quoting word-for-word “The Lord’s Prayer.”  He’s just amazing! 

So Happy Birthday, Baby!  The kids and I love you so much!!!


  1. Chanch is amazing. I’m so happy for you and my kids. I’m so thankful too.

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