Posted by: amyedwards | November 20, 2007

You never know who is reading . . .

I chose to make my blog an open blog, free to anyone who finds it and chooses to read.  My only concern with doing so was safety, so I’m careful to not mention where I live or give specifics (such as the name of my church, my kids’ school, etc.)  In addition, I have to approve you to comment before your comment is posted, thus keeping unwanted and inappropriate comments from showing up.  I know most of you know the drill because you are bloggers too!  For the most part, I have my faithful few friends who plug in a couple of times a week to see what’s new and anyone else who might run across me but choose not to leave a comment.  I’ve never thought much about it, until now!

As some of you know (because you go to church with me), this past Sunday our pastor informed the church that he had run across something while searching the internet for a closing illustration to his sermon series, “Thankful for the Trash”.  That something was my recent post regarding his sermon.  I wrote that post because I was so convicted in that sermon.  I think I cried throughout most of the service for various different reasons.  One, because I realized how ungrateful I am for all that God has blessed me with.  Two, because I realized how my ungratefulness has kept me from teaching my children to be thankful.  Three, because after spending a month on the mission field in Honduras, you can’t help but think about those less fortunate during such a message.  Little did I know that God would use that post to encourage my pastor.  He evidently typed in “thankful for trash” into the search engine, and my post was one of his options.  He  began reading it, and realized it was about his sermon and was thus written by one of his church members.  He was encouraged to know that someone was touched by the sermon and thought enough of it to “blog” about it.  Isn’t it just like God to turn things around like that?

Anyway, I was unfortunately sitting on the front row that service and could feel every eye on me.  My lip was quivering like crazy!  The funny thing was, I didn’t really even hear all that he was saying because I was so busy thinking about all the other things I have written in other posts and wondering what all he read!  I mean, I don’t feel like anything I write is inappropriate by any means, but there are some things your pastor just doesn’t need to know about you!  You know?  And, if that’s not bad enough, my blog has had a ridiculous number of hits since Sunday morning.  Yesterday alone I had 86 hits with 22 people reading “Taking Out the Trash”.  That’s definitely a record high for me!  And the associate pastor even left a comment!  Too funny! 

So, in the future, I will be very careful about what I share.  You never know who is reading!  Maybe I’ll just stick to prayer requests:)



  1. You have never written anything inappropriate, so don’t worry. You have written many funny posts, though, and I think it’s great. Heaven forbid that we ever become so spiritual that we can’t enjoy a good laugh every now and then. While I respect and understand what you’re trying to say, I beg of you, don’t change TOO much! You have a fun blog.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, Terry. I’m just not sure my pastor needs to know when I’m PMSing or that I have cellulite on my butt cheeks:) Don’t worry – it won’t change too much. And if it did, I’m sure it would only be temporary! I know me too well:) Thanks again for always reading!

  3. I’d forgotten about the cellulite post. Yeah, I guess I see your point, given that your pastor may be reading. I think I’d feel the same way.

  4. Oh the horror! To be outed in church. See, only 1 friend in my real life even knows about my blog (besides my husband, of course). I would have been just like you, mind racing to remember what else have I said?????

    Very funny. I’ll keep it in mind.

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