Posted by: amyedwards | December 10, 2007

I have chills!

The following is a note from Ms. Gerry regarding her granddaughter’s miraculous recovery.  I thought you would enjoy!

 Gerry shares her heart, below:

….  As I got off of the elevator, I was met by Scott pushing Taylor 
in a wheelchair.  Does the love of our Father know no limits!?!  She 
is, of course, very weak, but her bloodwork remains steadily “normal.”
  She is experiencing difficulty digesting her food.. Evidently, the 
liver has to work very hard to break down protein, even in a healthy 
person.  They have put her on a very strict diet – no lactose, no 
sugar, and only 35 grams of protein/day.  She continues to “upchuck,”
but they seem to believe it is improving.

Thursday, as my sister and I sat with this child, who had been 
screaming and in a fetal position for nearly three days, her doctor 
came into the room, asking how she felt.  She said, “Good.”  Then, she
said, “I made something for you.”  She reached for a leather beaded 
bracelet she had strung, handing it to him, as she said, “Thank you so 
much for helping me to feel better.”  The doctor began to weep, 
tearing up and unable to speak for a moment, as he struggled to regain 
his composure.  You see, he had told Jamie, our younger son, that all 
tests indicated Taylor would not live long enough to have the 
transplant.  What a God we serve!

Jamie has said over and over, again, that he witnessed the first 
physical/professional miracle he had ever seen for which there was no 
explanation apart from God.  Plasma pharinges (sp) has never before 
caused a liver declared “dead” to begin functioning.  God performed a
physical resurrection.  Never before has there been a #1 priority 
candidate for a liver transplant who came off of the list, apart from 
the transplant or death.  It is rare to go 48 hrs. without a liver 
becoming available – none did, as they prepared to transplant Taylor.  
Jamie said he cannot emphasize the “random and unrelated” steps of 
miraculous and inexplicable movement as God touched our Taylor’s liver 
in His mercy and inexplicable grace.

She has a long way to go and, at best, will not return to school until 
the new year.  Because they cannot explain her medical turnaround, the 
doctors are very reluctant to pronounce her “healed.”  Yet, we know 
that a week ago, our girl was standing at the door of eternity.

Our family is changed forever by the renewed vision of God’s love, the 
unmerited love of others – such as you and your precious church -, and 
by a the humbling sense of His choice to move in our lives.  “What can 
I render unto the Lord for so great a benefit?”  Psalm 116:12.

Please continue to pray as we move slowly toward the next step.

With love and amazement at your love and His grace,
Gerry Sisk



  1. wow…. that is AWESOME!!!!! that is truley a God thing!!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I pray Taylor’s continued strength and health.

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