Posted by: amyedwards | January 7, 2008

Something new and different

Each Sunday morning (or most, I should say), I take notes of that morning’s sermon.  Most of the time, I refer back to them during the week.  I am amazed at all that God continues to teach me, even though I have been a Christian for most of my life, and have grown up in church.  But that is what being a Christian is all about – growing!  So, I know my children (no matter when they are saved and how often we are in church, Christian schools, etc.) will continue to learn and mature in the Lord as they grow older.  There are some sermons I want them to hear at an age younger than I was when I heard them. 

That brings me to my new and different (were you wondering if I was ever going to get there?):  I am going to begin blogging my notes from Sunday sermons here each week.  While I want my children to enjoy the funny stories about their childhoods when reading this in future years, I also want them to learn what I’ve learned, hopefully before they make too many mistakes!

So, I invite you to join me each Monday.  I will begin (today) posting Sunday’s sermon notes.  For my kids’ sakes, I will also include my thoughts and what the Lord is showing me.

For those of you who attend church with me, you can skip this entry or use it for review.  For all others, maybe the Lord will speak to you in a fresh new way each Monday! 



  1. You know what’s funny? I had two reasons to call you this morning. 1. to tell you about Kyle’s invitation and 2. to talk to you about Ronnie’s sermon! Hello? Did we even get to #2? And how long were we on the phone???

  2. Always willing to read more about Jesus!

  3. Sunday’s sermon stepped on my toes. I know my sin is unforgiveness. I struggle with it daily. I loose sleep over it. I repented and tried to do better. This week has been HORRIBLE. I now think my sin is pride. I have truly been humbled. Look out! Bro. Ronnie is doing 3 weeks on fear neext.

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