Posted by: amyedwards | January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Mohawk Hair-do Today is Noah’s 6th birthday and boy is he excited!  I told him last night that he could come and get in our bed during the night (rather than getting into his pallet on our floor – that’s another post!)  So, the first thing out of his mouth this morning was about his party today!  Next, he got dressed for school and decided to fix his hair in a mohawk style in honor of his birthday.  (How could Mom say no?)  Next, he sat down to eat special cinnamon streusel muffins that Dad had made last night especially for him for his birthday breakfast.  Then off to school!  After school, all of the boys in his class came over for a party!!!  They had a great time playing outside, running in and out, eating, opening presents, busting the pinata, and did I say playing?  It was a great party, but I’m not sure my house will ever be the same after 9 little boys ransacked it, but it was worth it:)

And the fun isn’t over!  Tomorrow night we are going to Monster Jam to see all of the monster trucks compete!  I can hardly wait:)

I am so proud of Noah.  He is boy through and through!  If it’s a weapon, that’s awesome.  If it’s not, he’ll find a way to turn it into one!  He’s also the most caring and loving little boy I know.  He is genuinely worried about people and has such a big heart.  While his strong will and independence push my patience to the limit sometimes, I know if disciplined, they will be great character traits when he is older.  I just had his mid-year parent/teacher conference yesterday, and Mrs. Pinner said he excels in every academic area (reading, spelling, math and writing).  If he could just learn to be quiet and sit still – but we’re working on that! 

Anyway, I’m having a hard time with the fact that I have a 6 year old now.  Five still seems so young and “preschool”.  Six just sounds big boy!  But, the truth is, he is a big boy and I’m sure each birthday will get harder for me.  Mom just has to deal with it!

I love you, Noah, and I’m so glad you’re my little boy!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday, Noah!   Pinata bashing!


  1. I can’t believe it has been a year since Noah’s 5th birthday with the clown for his party and Cooper’s spiderman face paint. And even harder to believe it has been two years since Noah’s party at the Jump Zone. Do you remember that? You had just met us as new neighbors and invited us to his party. I will always remember that, how you made us feel welcome when I was so homesick (and so sick w/ miss Addie in my tummy! 🙂 ) and didn’t know anyone. We miss being your neighbor and hate missing out on these special times! Please tell Noah we said HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Happy birthday Noah!

    And we had a pallet in the floor for my older daughter. I think I understand that one.

  3. Happy Birthday Noah! You are such a sweet boy!

  4. Yea Noah!!! The big “6”…WOW! Glad you had a fun party!

    And Mom…you and I can cry together on the phone when the party’s over! How do these years keep flying by so fast??? 🙂

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