Posted by: amyedwards | January 14, 2008

Tag, I’m it!

My blogging friend, Terri, at Ornaments of Grace tagged me to find out seven random or interesting things about me.  This might be harder than the book tag:)  But here goes:

1.  I was a legal secretary before I had my first child and became a SAHM.

2.  I will not drink milk out of anything but a clear glass.

3.  I was captain of cheerleaders in high school.  But before you start thinking too much into that, you should know that I went to a very small Christian school:)

4.  My husband and I met in high school.

5.  I have 14 nieces and nephews that I love like their my own. 

6.  I really enjoy singing.  I am not in the choir at our church now for various reasons, but I sing right along with them (just from my seat).  I was also the children’s choir coordinator for a couple of years at my former church.  It was a great job that combined 2 of my passions – singing and children!

7.  I saved the most interesting for last!  I do not like to touch change.  In fact, I rarely touch it.  I know, it’s crazy!  That’s why few people (other than my family) even know it.  I will always use dollar bills to make my purchase – even if it is $1.02.  I’ll just give $2.00 in bills and then open my change purse for the cashier to put my change in it.  If I have to touch change (for whatever reason), you will always find me washing my hands or wiping my hands off on my clothes immediately afterwards.  (And, yes, I know that bills are just as germ infested and nasty as change.)  I don’t understand it myself.  I will say that the smell that change puts off has a LOT to do with it! 

So, now you know!  I am tagging Brenda at The Family Revised, Michele at No Place Like Home, and Jodi at Fruit Inspection.  You can find all of them in my Blogroll!



  1. That’s funny about never touching change. I’m married to a germ sensitive man and have a daughter who has acquired his sensiblities as well. So while I can’t say I personally relate to you on that one, I wouldn’t call you wierd. Thanks for playing along!

  2. Well, I thought the milk thing was weird until I got to #7. Really, you never touch it…EVER? I never think about how dirty it is, but I do know what you mean about the smell. Kinda like tin foil on the teeth! Bleh!

  3. What are the various reasons for not joining the choir?

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