Posted by: amyedwards | January 20, 2008

Tagged – again!

I was tagged by Jodi to answer these 14 questions:

1. Coolest birthday you remember:  This past birthday, my husband sent me and a friend (Jodi) to a nice resort for a weekend of scrapbooking, room service, and massages!  You can read all about it here.

2. Do you prefer hosting parties or attending as a guest?  I enjoy both.  I will say that hospitality is definitely not my spiritual gift, so I’m not much of a host, but I enjoy trying!  But who doesn’t love to be a guest!

3. What color is your bedroom? The walls are painted “restrained gold” by SW.  My comforter is deep red and gold and my accent color is black.

4. Do you and your man have a song? What tune makes you swoon? Well, you would kind of need to know our entire story to understand it completely, but our song is “Still the One” by Shania Twain.

5. What were/will be your wedding colors? Would you change them?  The guys wore black tuxedos and the ladies were long cream and deep royal blue/purple dresses.  I would most definitely change them!  And let me take this opportunity to apologize to all of my bridesmaids! 

6. Ever sneak out of the house or host a wild bash while the ‘rents were away? What’s your wild child tale? I never did out of my parents’ house, but whenever I would spend the night with my friend, we would sneak out of her house, push her brother’s car down the hill (so no one would hear us start it), and go out driving around during the night.  The scary thing is that neither she or I were old enough to drive!

7. You just won the lottery! Do you stash your cash or pass the bucks? What are the first 3 things you’d do? First I’d pay off debt. Second I’d spend invest, and third, I’d help others.

8. You oughta’ be in pictures…which actress stars as you in a movie of your life’s story?  This is a hard one!  I’ve been told numerous times (even by complete strangers) that I look like Lara Flynn Boyle from “The Practice”.  She is much prettier and way skinnier (is that a real word?) than I am.  But, hey, I’m just telling you what people have said! 

9. What’s your go-to meal for quick comfort?  I’ll say Taco Bell.  It’s cheap and tasty!

10. Everyone has ups and downs. What’s your hardest learned lesson? That I can only change myself.  Being the control freak that I am, it’s been hard to learn that I can only control me (and I don’t do that very well:))

11. What advice would you give to 18 year-old you? Don’t rush life!  Enjoy being young – you’ve got years to accomplish all the things you’ve dreamed of.

12. Favorite board game: Monopoly.

13. Dish it! What’s your “me time” guilty pleasure?  Two weeks ago I would have said TV.  Today I’ll say Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies after the kids have gone to bed:)  I wonder which is worse for you, TV or cookies?

14. What’s one thing you’d like to learn to do in 2008? Really study (not just read) my Bible



  1. Chocolate chip cookies- no question!

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, in 2008, I’d like to learn to sew, and possibly play piano.

  3. Great list, Amy. I had not thought about #8 but you do look like her! I forgot Jodi tagged me so I better get to my list soon.

  4. Okay, so I laughed out loud when I read your apology to your bridesmaids, but then gasped when I read how you were out driving before you were 16! That’s too funny!

  5. I liked the color of the dress. It was the fit that bothered me.

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