Posted by: amyedwards | February 5, 2008

Let It Snow!

Snowfall  I mentioned in a previous post that we had SNOW a couple of weeks ago (Yes, I’m a little behind on my blogging)!  Do you know how long it has been since we had precipitation of any kind – much less SNOW!  You can imagine what it was like around my house.  I think I was more excited than the kids – two of whom have never even seen it, and the oldest wouldn’t remember it!  The first sighting was in the evening.  We finished dinner, bundled up, and headed outside.  Chanch thought I was crazy, playing in the snow after dark.  But I had a feeling it wouldn’t be there the next morning, and I was right.  By golly, my kids were going to experience it – even in the dark!  I mean, it could have been a now or never situation:) 

    Snowball Fight!   Colby’s first snow 

But, lo and behold, just a few short days later, there was snow again – and even more!  This time it was on the weekend so fortunately Daddy was home and could play along with us.  There wasn’t much, but we had a great time making snow angels, pretending to snowboard (on Noah’s skateboard), and building snowmen!  The boys built the big one, while Addilyn and I built one just her size!

Look at him go!   Our First Snowman      Just Addilyn’s Size   



  1. Well, it seems a grand time was had by all! Great pictures.

  2. You had that much snow on Sa turday? Guess we live on “the wrong side of the tracks”. All we had was snow/rain. Nothing stuck to the ground at all. Lucky dogs!

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