Posted by: amyedwards | February 18, 2008

Sunday’s Sermon – 2/10/08

FEAR and the Life of Gideon (Judges 6)

For the believer, fear is simply faith without courage.

Characteristics of Fear

1.  Avoid conflict and intimidating circumstances. (v. 11)

2.  Question why things happen as they do (v. 13)

3.  Captivated by worry and doubt (vs. 14-15)

4.  Make excuses for not accepting possible opportunities (v. 16)

5.  Throw out fleeces as a byproduct to faith (vs. 17-22; 36-40)

6.  Resistant to risky situations for fear of personal injury (vs. 23-24)

7.  Swayed by what others think (vs. 25-27)

8.  Find others to stand and defend you in tough circumstances (vs. 28-32)

If you find yourself characterized by a good number of the above listed, your besetting sin is probably fear.

Although Gideon obviously struggled with fear, he also applied the key principles needed.

1.  Prepare daily (7:1 – he rose early)

2.  Submit daily (7:2-8 – he obeyed God and limited the number in his army)

3.  Pray daily (7:9-14 – he prayed for God’s help)

4.  Recognize Hindrances (7:15 – 8:21 – hindrances include questioning yourself, criticism of others, skepticism of others, and discipline of others)

5.  Recognize temptation (8:22-26 – Gideon recognizes the first temptation, but falls to the second one.  Men rationalize sin – women manipulate sin.)

6.  Establish Accountability (8:27-35 – Gideon thought he was establishing accountability, but he was falling to temptation)

7.  Establish Longevity (8:27-35 – He had 40 good years (v. 28), but the next generation would fall (v. 33)


  1. Well, let’s see: 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Wish I would have been there for more explanation of this one. Still waiting to see what he say’s about unforgiveness.

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