Posted by: amyedwards | February 18, 2008

Sunday’s Sermon – 2/18/08

PRIDE and the Life of Samson (Judges 13: 1-23)

Pride is confidence without Godly character (Rom. 15:17)

Characteristics of Pride – Samson (Judges 13 and 14)

1.  Ignore that gifts and abilities come from God (13:24-25)

2.  Live life based on how things look and feel (14:1-4)

3.  Take unnecessary risks that can jeopardize their commitment to Lord and families (14:5-11)

4.  Overlook their own sin while overreacting to the sins of others (14:12-19)

5.  Take matters into their own hands and seek revenge while often defining it as righteous indignation (14:20 – 15:8)

6.  Ignore their ability to lead others while often seeking opportunities to work alone and receive attention (15:9-20)

7.  Believe that their actions will go unnoticed by God (16:1-20)

8.  Look for one right that will overshadow all of the wrongs (16:21-31)

Samson failed to implement the Key Principles we’ve discussed in previous sermons.  However, Paul also struggled with Pride, but his life was completely different because he followed God  (II Cor. 12: 7-13).  Usually the strongest leaders are those who struggle with pride, but choose to allow God to use them.

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