Posted by: amyedwards | February 27, 2008

Sunday’s Sermon – 2/24/08

UNFORGIVENESS and the Life of Absalom  (II Samuel 13 and 14)

Unforgiveness – simply fact without forgiveness

The Story of Absalom – II Samuel 13:1-22

             His life was not destroyed because of the action (his sister was raped), but because of his reaction (unforgiveness).

Characteristics of the Besetting Sin of Unforgiveness

  1. Tendency to live their lives in the shadows of the past and its wrong doings (13:20)
  2. Defend those who have been wronged with undeniable loyalty (13:20(b))
  3. Live in a black and white world that expects others to react to wrong doings as they would react (13:21)
  4. Allow the wrong that has been done to turn into bitterness which seeks an opportunity for the wrong to be justified (13:22-36)
  5. Hit and run to a place of safety while ignoring the consequences and casualties of relationships (13:37 – 14:24)
  6. Still feel less than vindicated even after forgiveness has been issued (14:1-33)
  7. Be an advocate for things that are unfair while establishing platforms where others who have been treated unfairly might find justice (15:1-12)
  8. Collaborate with others who have issues of unforgiveness (16:15 – 17:29)
  9. Establish a legacy of bitterness that will be forgotten or a legacy of brokenness that will be remembered for a lifetime (18:1-18)

As with all the previously mentioned besetting sins, the further you are in your spiritual walk, the fewer the characteristics you will see in your present life.  If you’re having trouble pinpointing your besetting sin thru these characteristics, look back at your past and see if they were once a part of your daily struggle.  If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to recognize your besetting sin, but have learned how to submit yourself to God on a daily basis so that it is no longer characteristic of you!

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