Posted by: amyedwards | April 13, 2008

Colby – full of imagination!

My sweet little Colby (3) is just full of imagination.  He is so easily entertained, and, in turn, keeps us completely entertained!  Seriously, I could just watch him play for hours at a time.  Maybe that’s why I’m so behind on blogging:)  I have to share two funny things he recently said!

First, some background:  You should know that Colby loves anything “cowboy”.  My father-in-law gave him a “Bonanza” and “John Wayne” collection of DVDs and they are played quite often in our home.  During his viewing time, he usually adorns a cowboy hat and carries a gun.  The back of my sofa (which sits off of the wall) is straddled to become his horse.  One day while Colby was pretending, he fell off the back of the couch and scraped his hand.  He was perfectly fine, but insisted on a band-aid, as most 3 year olds will.  Later that day when we picked Noah up from school, Noah immediately noticed the band-aid and inquired as to what happened.  Without a second’s hesitation, Colby said, “I fell off my horse.”  It was so cute!  Noah, being 6 now, immediately looked at me for an interpretation, and in a rare moment of sweetness to his brother, played along.

The next day, Colby was watching his favorite pirate movie.  This time, the gun was traded in for a sword.  During a sword fight on deck, I came in with a basket of clean laundry and proceeded to fold them on the sofa.  In his very practiced pirate voice, Colby turned around and said, “You folding clothes on me ship?”  I came back with, “How was I to know this was your ship?  Yesterday, it was a horse.”


  1. So cute! Glad you are back.

  2. That Colby kid is such a cutie pie! 🙂

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