Posted by: amyedwards | April 26, 2008

Better to have loved . . .

and lost, than never to have loved at all.  Or so I keep reminding  myself. 

Almost 8 years ago, Chanch and I took our first mission trip to Honduras.  While we were there, we hand picked a little boy to sponsor in the Opportunity of a Lifetime program for Good Samaritan Missions.  We were able to meet him, his family, see where he lived, and spoil him rotten while we were there for 10 very short days.  We returned home feeling completely overwhelmed by all that we had and how little Cesar had.  Home was not where our heart was!  About a year later, we returned to Honduras, this time for a one month stay.  It was so nice to see Cesar clean, in good clothes, nourished, and attending school where he would get a great education and learn all about Jesus. 

I was in my second trimester with Noah’s pregnancy when we visited for a month.  Because we had been unable to previously conceive, it was so wonderful to get to share our exciting news and answer to prayer with Cesar and his mom.  Noah was later born on Cesar’s birthday:)  Due to the fact that we have young children or I’ve been pregnant or nursing for basically 6 years, we have not returned to Honduras.  However, we have continued to monthly support Cesar.  In addition, we periodically send extra support for food bags, celebrate his birthday, give him Christmas, and we were even able to build his family a house.

This week, we received a letter from the mission stating that Cesar has withdrawn from the program by choice.  He just graduated from the 6th grade and has decided to work instead of continuing his education.  He has gotten a job cutting fruits and vegetables at a nearby fruit stand.  His pastor counseled with him, but he has made up his mind.  We are so saddened.  It really does feel like one of my own children is making a huge mistake, but there’s nothing I can do.  Of course, given their poverty conditions, there are extenuating circumstances in their case.  The hard thing is having to trust that everything that could have been done or said has been and his decision has been made.  I don’t know whether his mother regrets his decision or if she encouraged him (as the oldest child in the family) to get a job and start suppporting the family.  It’s just so sad.

We will always love Cesar and will continue to pray for him and his family.  In the meantime, we were given the information on another little boy that we can sponsor.  His previous sponsors were no longer able to sponsor him, so we will pick up the sponsorship so he can continue in the program.  We look forward to one day meeting Enil.




  1. It is sometimes hard for us to relate to the hard choices that families in less developed countries have to make. I can’t imagine my 12 year old leaving school to work! But as you said so well, their world is diffferent from ours and they have to make decisions we never have to consider. I pray all goes well for Cesar.

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