Posted by: amyedwards | April 28, 2008

It’s going to be a looooong summer!

Really, you’re bored.  How could that be – really?  There are far too many toys in this house – really!  Really, the playground in the background that you all got for Christmas compares to the local park.  None of your friends can play right now?  Really, what do you expect me to do about that.  You are not an only child.  Really, there are three of you.  It won’t kill you to play with your brother for crying outloud – really!  You don’t have anything to do?  Find something or I’ll find something for you – REALLY!

And to think – this conversation took place on the day he had oral surgery and was out of school for just one day.  Exactly how long is summer break?  I won’t mention any names (check out the category), but for my child that simply cannot entertain himself and needs my constant attention – got any ideas for low cost summer fun that will keep me sane?


  1. When my kids were a little younger, but old enough to find ways to entertain themselves, I would commit to one activity initiated by me per week- (trip to the science center, chuck e. cheese’s, cookie baking etc.) But JUST ONE. We would go to the library and they would pick out books. I expected them to get at least one read per week. Overall, my philosophy is that it isn’t my job to keep them entertained. My parents certainly didn’t do it for us! We had to use our imaginations. Once my kids got the message that I wasn’t going to spend the entire summer spending precious time and money being their source of amusement, they found numerous ways to entertain themselves, and your will, too.

    Oh, and I DO have a couple pf pregnancy pictures, about 2 per pregnancy but only because my husband insists on taking them. Infact, he got a sideways shot of me last night, OMG! But I won’t be posting them, that’s for sure.

  2. Thanks for the advice. My other 2 have no problem entertaining themselves. They are full of imagination and could care less if I’m anywhere around. Noah, on the other hand, is just one of those kids. He doesn’t really care for TV or movies, he likes to play outside – but only if someone is playing with him, etc. But, in his defense, I must say he gets it honestly. I am one of those people who doesn’t enjoy being alone. Of course, I rarely have that to worry about these days:)

    I really think I’m just going to have to work on a daily schedule for the summer that will include school work or reading, tidying up house, rest time, etc.

    Oh, and I’m so glad you do have pregnancy pictures. I love looking back at mine and telling my children “That’s when you were in my belly.” 🙂

  3. Wow! You actually responded to a comment. Lucky her.

    Let’s see, now for my advice: I think he’s old enough to go to work for the summer. Let Chanch keep him busy! 🙂

  4. HI Amy~ Thanks for stopping by my blog… I guess great minds blog alike! Anyway, there are lots of Free things to do all over Atlanta. The High Museum and Imagine It Children’s Museum offer free days once a month sponsored by Target. Especially good for Hot’lanta days. Afterwards, you can go to Olympic Park and splash in the fountains. We also like the Mall of GA fountains. We belong to the Zoo and it’s very reasonable and we can even take a friend and up to 4 kids free. We also love the Center for Puppetry Arts… Several movie theaters offer free movies once a week. If I think of anything else- I’ll let you know!

  5. Um, hello Terry? I want to see those preggy pics on your blog honey!!! You talk a big game about keepin’ it real now let’s see the REAL you!!!! 🙂

    It’s OK. You don’t have to.

    Let’s take a vote. Everyone who thinks Terry should post her pictures raise your hand!

  6. In my house, when you say you are bored you get to pick a chore from the “chore jar” (above the regular chores). Good luck!

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog! It was fun to read yours… I found myself re-reading sermons I loved. I enjoyed your insight.

    Mine little one is 17months old, so if he tells me he is bored we are in trouble! He doesn’t like me to leave the room a lot though…the only time I can sneak out for a minute is when he is watching “Blue’s Clues”. So, I am probably in for a handful…that or he is going to need a playmate 🙂

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