Posted by: amyedwards | June 18, 2008

Addilyn – My Big Helper

It seems that every new day brings about a reason for me to marvel at the difference between boys and girls.  Besides the more obvious difference, such as boys with their cars and girls with their dolls, I’ve been amazed at the developmental differences.  Both Noah and Colby were slow to speak and quite content with me doing everything for them.  Addilyn, on the other hand, thinks she could raise herself.  Everything is “I do it!” and, funny thing, she does do it!  And she says whatever she wants to say with much clarity.  People comment all the time about how much she talks and how clearly they can understand her.  Just yesterday she said, “Leave me alone, Noah!”  (I don’t know where she’s heard that before!)  Today, it was well past her naptime, and she said, “I wanna go my bed and go night-night, Mommy!”  (That’s my girl!)

Anyway, It’s been really fun teaching her new things.  She is a little sponge, ready to soak up anything and everything and she loves to “help” me.  One of her jobs is to unload the clean silverware.  I, of course, remove all of the knives.  She then puts the spoons and forks in the silverware drawer.  She loves to do it!  Unfortunately, she isn’t quite able to distinguish between the clean dishes and the dirty dishes.  So, if you’re not watching, she is happy to “help” by putting away dirty silverware too!

Well, today I noticed the dog’s food and water bowls were missing.  I looked in the dishwasher, thinking maybe Chanch stuck them in there last night.  Nope, not there.  After a brief search of the house and a conversation with Noah (who declared he had no idea where they were), it dawned on me.  You see, I use the cheap disposable ware bowls as dog bowls.  I also have a cabinet drawer full of those same kind of bowls for my kitchen use.  Addilyn is notorious for getting in that drawer to “cook”.  I remembered that just last night, I noticed the drawer open because 2 bowls were not stacked correctly and the drawer would not close.  I quickly stacked them amongst the other bowls and went on my way, not thinking anything of it.  Now, I know better!  I guess I should be thankful that at least the bowls were empty before she put them away!  Or, better yet, I figured it out before eating out of them:) 



  1. That is so sweet that she loves to help you! Avery has a tupperware cabinet he plays in too, but it usually just ends up all over the kitchen floor… I am not sure I have ever seen him put it away. Another difference in boys and girls! 🙂

  2. That is so funny. It is exactly the same way at our house. Jenna helps me every day and I swear this 5 year old can clean a toilet better than me-no kidding. She’s the only child I know that goes to Wal-Mart and wants disinfectant spray.

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