Posted by: amyedwards | June 18, 2008

Happy (belated) Father’s Day!

I remember the morning we found out we were pregnant with our first, Noah.  It was the week after Mother’s Day.  We became suspicious on Mother’s Day, but after 3 1/2 years of disappointment, I refused to take a pregnancy test.  Chanch told me that if things had not changed, we would do the test on Friday.  Things did not change.  I got up bright and early before Chanch left for work.  We stood in the bathroom waiting for what seemed like forever for the results.  I will never forget the two of us looking at the test together and, at the same time, realizing our prayers had been answered.  It was positive!  And so was the next, and the next  that followed that same day (we obviously had a hard time believing the first test was right)!  But mostly what I remember was the look on Chanch’s tear-streamed face as he immediately knelt to the floor and led us in a prayer of praise to God for our answered prayer and a prayer of dedication for our pregnancy.  If I had not realized it before, I knew then he was going to be a wonderful Daddy! 

Then, less than 2 years later and after only one purposeful try, there I was with another positive pregnancy test.  This time, I had not even told Chanch that I was suspicious.  Even though we had decided to start trying, neither of us ever dreamed it would happen so quickly.  I spent the entire day teaching Noah how to say “baby” and then point to my stomach.  So, when Chanch got home from work that evening, we greeted him at the door.  Without any prompting, Noah said “Baby”.  Chanch said, “Yeah, you’re Daddy’s baby!”  I said, “No, tell Daddy where the baby is.”  Then Noah pointed.  The expression this time was somewhat different.  Still one of happiness, but mixed with a little bit of surprise!  The prayer I most remember during Colby’s pregnancy was when my blood pressure shot up 2 weeks before my due date, and I was taken back for an emergency c-section.  Chanch stood by me while they gave me the epidural, and he prayed that the baby and I would both be safe and that all would go well.  I was so nervous and scared, but he managed to keep me calm and knew that prayer would make me feel better.  All was well, and sweet Colby was born without any other complications!

Then, less than a year later, and just 2 months after moving into our new home, I was taking a “surprise” pregnancy test!  Chanch was already in bed and had no idea what was happening in the other room.  I knew the result before I ever even bought the test.  After confirming what I knew to be true, I woke Chanch up and showed him our positive stick.  He asked, “Whose is that?”  As if I would really bring home someone else’s urine!  Go figure!  Needless to say, he was a bit confused and a little shocked (maybe he thought he was dreaming).  He had previously told me that if we were going to have another baby, he wanted it to be sooner rather than later.  I had said that I wasn’t ready yet, and that I wanted to wait until I got “baby fever” before trying.  Colby was still my baby!  Well, obviously, God was on Chanch’s side.  We weren’t going to find out the sex of this baby (we had not with the others either).  We both thought, however, that it was another boy.  I will never forget watching the look on Chanch’s face when we saw the ultrasound and both confirmed to eachother our opinion on the sex.  Remember, we had never had anything pointed out to us before in an ultrasound, so we had no idea what to look for.  We had asked the technician not to confirm, but let us guess.  I could tell Chanch was disappointed, since we had said this would be our last.  The ultrasound technician could not stand that we both thought it was a boy.  She told us, in a very matter-of-fact way, not to go home and paint the room blue.  I guess that was her way of abiding by our wishes, but letting the secret out.  We were so excited, even though we had wanted to be surprised!  We had our girl!  That night, Chanch prayed with our boys and thanked God for his girl!  We had so much fun keeping it a secret from the rest of our families.  They all thought that we had not found out, since that was the plan! 

There will be no more positive test results (unless, God . . .), but there have been and will be many more prayers.  That’s the joy of having a godly husband and a wonderful father to my children.  I wanted to take this opportunity, however late it may be, to say Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful man I know.  I am truly blessed!


  1. Great story!!

  2. What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful family.

  3. Found you via Fruit Inspection

    Out last and only girl (she has three older brothers) was a surprise baby. I found out I was pregnant the day hubby decided three boys were enough. Oh well, God had other plans. Needless to say he was shocked and speechless for quite a while!

  4. What a wonderful wife! As she sits on the couch reading her book while I read her blog I realize how blessed I truly am. Thank you Lord for giving her to me many years ago. I grow to love her more every day.

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