Posted by: amyedwards | August 9, 2008

Colby – my little 4 year old!

Dear Sweet Colby,

Happy Birthday, Buddy!  What a big boy you are at 4 years old?  Seriously, I just got over your sister turning 2, and you have to go and turn 4 on me.  I know, I’ve had a year to prepare for it, but it just seems like everyone is growing up all of a sudden.  To think that you’ll be going to school three mornings out of the week this year is just too much for me to think about right now. 

I know I tell you this all the time, but no matter how old you get, you are always going to be my baby.  And, lucky for me, you seem pretty content with that.  While Addilyn wants to grow up with or without me, you tend to be my needy one.  I’m so glad.  I know, I don’t always act like I’m glad.  But deep down, I really am.  The thing is, I know the time will come one day when you’ll stop fighting for the baby position of this family and you’ll stand proud as the big brother. 

Sweet Colby

Sweet Colby

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!  I love you more than you’ll ever know!


  1. He is so precious. Happy Birthday little guy!

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