Posted by: amyedwards | October 22, 2008

Politics – my least favorite subject right now!

Allow me just to be honest about something:  I really don’t like politics.  I do understand the importance of this election for all of the various reasons.  But there is plenty more about politics that I just don’t understand and frankly don’t care to understand!  I am exercising my privilege to vote, and I don’t feel I’m voting ignorant of the candidates.  I just don’t care to get all caught up in the hooplah (is that how you spell that?) that comes with politics. 

However, because my husband is the polar opposite of me and simply can’t seem to get enough political information, I obliged and went to the local McCain/Palin rally this past Sunday.  Saxby Chambliss (currently running for a consecutive Senate seat) was the guest speaker and was accompanied by various other Republican dignitaries and veterans of war.

Despite my lack of political interest and my overwhelming desire for November 4th to hurry and get here, I’m so glad we went.  It was a great opportunity for us to teach our children about patriotism, respect, and gratitude.  GO McCAIN!!!



  1. I didn’t know y’all went to that! I bet it was exciting. Definitely more fun than watching the 24 hour Obama channel on Dish Network. And no, I’m not kidding. Aren’t you glad you disconnected your cable?

  2. If you’re ready for this to be over, imagine how we feel down here. It’s pretty much a given that GA will go to McCain. In a battleground state like ours, we are bombarded round the clock. Turning off the tv doesn’t help because we get a political ad via the telephone once or twice every hour starting at 9 until about 7 in the evening. It’s madness. We’re under seige!!

  3. I’m right there with you, Amy! But, I’m proud of you for taking the kids. It’s important to be informed and teach them to vote!

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