Posted by: amyedwards | May 10, 2009

Dear Mama,

Because of you

I am alive.  I know that’s a given and doesn’t seem very sentimental to others, but to you and I it has a special meaning.  On August 28, 1973 you gave vaginal birth to a nearly 8 lb. baby girl who was literally doubled in a frank breech position.  The fact that I survived such a traumatic entry into the world is a miracle in itself.  But the fact that you not only endured but survived the delivery and then emergency surgery immediately following, is a greater miracle.  You were already teaching me strength and determination. 

I’ll never forget crying to you as an adolescent that I didn’t feel special.   “Shelly is special because she is your oldest.  David is special because he is the only boy.  Kerri is special because she will always be your baby.  As the middle child, I don’t have any reason to be special”, I said.  In all your wisdom, you had saved my “birth story” for the perfect moment and that was it.  I walked away from that conversation knowing that we held a special bond!

Because of you 

I came to know the Lord at a young age.  Now that I have young children of my own, I understand the struggle of getting everyone dressed, fed and out the door on time for church each Sunday morning.  It would be so much easier to just stay at home together as a family and relax before the next work week begins.  But you didn’t and I don’t either.  I can remember so many Sunday mornings sitting in the car while Dad blew the horn (ugh!) while you were trying to get out the door.  I can even remember times that you would take your hot rollers out of your hair on the way to church.  But we eventually made it and there I learned of a God who loved me and sacrificed His only Son to save me.  And so, when the Holy Spirit urged me, it was you who sat at a kitchen table and helped me pray to receive Christ.  I pray that one day I have that same privilege with my own children.

Because of you

I learned the meaning of sacrifice.  Whether it was the last bite of your favorite dessert, a comfortable spot in your own bed, nights staying up late to help finish a procrastinated on project, or doing without new clothes, new cars, bigger houses, etc. to send 4 kids to a Christian school you were always sacrificing. 

Because of you

I had a purse to carry lipstick in for my Jr/Sr. Prom.  Crazy, I know!  But somewhere in my hope chest I still have that “Epilady” bag covered in eyelet lace to match my dress.  Why?  Because the day of prom when I had no purse to go with my dress, my mom got creative and made me one so I’d be like the other girls.  Truth be told, I was probably embarrassed at the time to carry it.  But, I wouldn’t have hung on to it all these years if it hadn’t meant something to me.

Because of you

I wanted to be a mommy.  As a child, I never dreamed of being a nurse or a teacher.  I always wanted to be a mommy.  Playing “house” was my favorite way to pass the day.  Even at 16 years old, Chanch remembers me telling a room full of teenagers that my dream for the future was to get married and have babies.  How fortunate am I to be living my dream now!  I’m so grateful that my mom didn’t discourage me from that dream, but rather encouraged me to be who I wanted to be. 

I hope that one day Addilyn dreams of being a wife and mommy.  While there is nothing wrong with the business world or career women, I pray that Addilyn will learn from me, like I learned from you, that there is no greater joy in this world than that of being a Mom!

Because of you

I’m a procrastinator.  I’m blaming this on the time that you stayed up all night reading “Tortured for his Faith” because I had an oral book report the next day and had waited until the last day to read the book.  Had you made me fail the report, I might have learned not to procrastinate.  But instead, you spent the next morning telling me all about the book while I got dressed for school.  See, it is your fault!

Because of you

I’m overly dramatic; I’m ridiculously sentimental; It takes me forever to tell a story because I give so many details; and I have small boobs and big hips (not so sure I’m thankful for that genetic hand-me-down!)

Because of you

I’m a better mommy than I ever would have been.  I had a great teacher.

The Girls!

The Girls!


  1. That is sooooo sweet! (sniff, sniff)

  2. Amy, what a precious Mother’s Day card! These recollections of your childhood mean the world to me. Each time I watch you in your role as a mother, I recognize things that I did, and think, “well, I must have gotten that right”, reasoning that otherwise, you wouldn’t want to emulate me. This is by far more meaningful to me than the best Mr. Hallmark could offer!
    Thank you, I love you so much.

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