Posted by: amyedwards | May 28, 2009

Let Me Hold You Longer

When all of my children were infants, I made it a rule of thumb to put them in their beds while they were still awake so they could teach themselves how to fall to sleep.  Don’t worry, I had plenty of time to rock and bond while I was nursing them.  But I have to admit, there is something so sweet about holding a little one and watching them drift off to sleep in the comfort of your arms while you sing to them softly. 

Last night, I had the pleasure of rocking my sweet Addilyn (soon to be 3 yrs. old but still tiny in size) to sleep.  We had a busy day yesterday, and she missed her afternoon nap.  By the time we got home from church last night, she was exhausted.  I sat in the rocker in her room with her for what was supposed to be a quick book read.  Within seconds, her eyes were falling and she had grabbed her favorite pink doggie and her blanket.  I closed the book and began singing some of her favorite songs (“Jesus Loves Me”; “Jesus Loves the Little Children”; “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”; “Isn’t He Wonderful”; and more).  By the time I finished her favorites, she was fast asleep in dreamland. 

Rather than putting her in her bed, I decided to enjoy the moment.  I began singing some of my favorite hymns to her.  The singing turned to crying and the crying turned to praying over her.  For those few moments, I was overwhelmed with the fact that my baby is growing up so fast.  The days of rocking Noah (my 7 yr. old) to sleep are passed.  And Colby (my soon to be 5 yr. old) would have to be sick for me to enjoy a moment like that with him.  So for as long as I chose last night, God gave me the wonderful gift of being able to rock, sing, cry, pray, smell, and listen to my sweet baby while she slept, all the while reminding me that He loves me even more that that.  I can’t fathom such love!

If you have never read the children’s book by Karen Kingsbury, Let Me Hold You Longer”, I recommend it.  I have not read it to my children, but from time to time I read it for myself.  It talks about how we as parents often take notice and put emphasis on “the firsts” our children have, but no emphasis is ever given to “the lasts”.  Usually, because at the time it is happening, we don’t realize it is going to the be the last time is takes place (last bottle feeding, last time they crawl in your bed, last time you pick them up, etc.)  Trust me, I can’t get through this short book without squalling, but I read it because I want to be reminded to enjoy all of those moments while I still can.

Let Me Hold You Longer

They grow up way too fast!


  1. I agree with you! Today I bawled as I watched my little boy finish 5th grade. They marched around the school and said good bye. I feel as though I’m sending him to college not middle school! Oh why can’t they stay babies forever?

  2. Thanks for making me cry! 🙂

    Not too long ago Emery fell asleep in my arms. I couldn’t put him down. I remember thinking at the time, “I may never have this opportunity again”. I enjoyed every minute of it!

  3. That book sounds wonderful. I will have to check it out. And thank you for the post. I had “one of those days” where my youngest cried all day and I found myself wishing for the days when she could just TELL me what was wrong. But I know that as soon as those days get here I will miss the ones where she falls asleep in my arms. I will squeeze her a little tighter tonight. Thank you for reminding me how precious it really is. 🙂

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