Posted by: amyedwards | November 10, 2009

That’s NOT a Worm!

A few weeks ago, I was inside finishing up dinner.  Addilyn came inside and asked for a Ziploc bag.  She was proudly declaring that she had found a worm.  I gave it a very quick glance and handed her the bag.  There has been so much rain lately, that I figured an earthworm had made its way up and Addilyn had grabbed hold of him.  My thoughts were more geared to the fact that my little girl is surrounded by too many boys and should be playing dolls instead of catching worms.

When dinner was ready about ten minutes later, I called the kids inside.  Addilyn came in with her bag in hand.  I told her to go wash her hands and I would take care of her worm.  It was then that I realized her “worm” didn’t much look like a worm.  In fact, this worm was a bit longer and had scales!



  1. OK, you sound so much calmer than I would have been! I would have flipped a lid. That sweet little girl playing with snakes…LOL.

  2. That’s my girl!

  3. OMG! That picture of her holding it, is really freaking me out!!!

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