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Sunday Stirrings – My Teacher

Sunday Stirrings

A couple of weeks ago during my study time (there is a 3 yr. old reason why I don’t call it quiet time), I had one of those aaah- haaa moments that I’m not sure the writer intended for me to necessarily have for what I was actually studying on that day.  Let me explain:

The title of the devotion was “Talking to Ourselves” out of Beth Moore’s “Jesus, The One and Only” study.  The text was from Luke 7: 39-48 where Jesus is dining at the home of a Pharisee.  A certain sinful woman came in and began to wash the feet of Jesus with her tears and dry them with her hair.  Verse 39 reads:  “When the Pharisee who had invited Him saw this, he said to himself, “This man, if He were a prophet, would know who and what kind of woman this is who is touching Him — that she is a sinner.”  If you continue reading you’ll see that Jesus immediately rebuked him for his thoughts, showing us that He holds us accountable for the things we say to ourselves.  OUCH!!!  That is what I was supposed to get, and I got it too!

But . . .

The first question asked was basically how different would things be if our thoughts were able to be heard.  Of course, my immediate response was shame filled because I know I still have so much work to do in the area of my thought life.  But the second part of my answer was that it would somewhat make it easier — you know, if you were rebuked and therefore “taught” each time it happened.  Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “HELLO????  That is why I am here!  I am your rebuker.  I’ve come to teach you.  I’m also within you to comfort you, heal you.  I’ve come to do all sorts of things in you and for you.”

I began realizing that I could so clearly hear the Spirit speaking to me then – teaching me – because I was prepared to hear from Him.  I had confessed sin and asked Him to be present with me.  I was in a state of worship.  I don’t always hear the Holy Spirit’s nudgings (or for that matter, His downright screams), because I’m not prepared to hear Him.  I’ve quenched the Spirit throughout my day, and my own voice (even the one in my head) is louder than His.

So I’m making a conscious effort to be still and know that He is God.  To confess sin throughout my day and ask the Holy Spirit to be ever-present – rebuking and teaching.  And now I’m reading “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan to give me a better understanding of the role the Holy Spirit longs to play in my life – if only I let Him.

For more “Sunday Stirrings” each week or to share your own, visit Jodi at Fruit Inspection.  I can’t wait to read what the Holy Spirit is teaching you!


  1. Ya know, I’ve read that story a hundred times and never noticed that he spoke to “himself” before Jesus rebuked him. My thought life could use some work as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hey Amy!
    I’m here from Jodi’s blog. Nice to “meet” you! I love the scripture in your blog header!
    The Lord has been convicting me of where I allow my thoughts to go sometimes. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s ministry in my life.
    Thank you for reminding me how important it is to “take every thought captive”!

  3. Wow. Yeah… ouch. Thought life. I think we could all do better in that area.

    “Forgotten God” is one of the next ones in my to-read pile! Looks good!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. My thought life is my biggest struggle.

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