Posted by: amyedwards | January 19, 2010

Sunday Stirrings – Desperate

Sunday Stirrings

This week, one of my daily study times focused on Jairus and his desperation for Jesus.  The text is Luke 8:40-42, 49-56.  Here was a father with his dying daughter.  He was desperate for the healing touch that could only come from Jesus.  The question was asked, “When have you been desperate for Jesus’ help?”  What has the power to bring you to your knees, pleading?

I must say, it doesn’t happen often enough in my own life.  I’m, of course, grateful for God’s provision for my family, the fact that we aren’t suffering with poor health, death, finances, marital problems, etc. right now.  But am I not called to be desperate for Him anyway?  Are we, as Christians, not told to bear one another’s burdens?  I’ve been desperate for Jesus for my own needs before – plenty of times including marital problems, finances, infertility, death, and His guidance.  I think those times just come naturally and aren’t necessarily always Spirit-led.

I can only think of one time before this week that I was truly desperate for the needs of another.  It was several months back that my heart was so burdened for a friend that the Holy Spirit would not allow me to sleep.  I was lying in my bed, listening to my husband snore, with tears for my friend rolling down my cheeks.  I tried praying, but peace (sleep) would not come.  My heart was so heavy and I knew that the Spirit was prompting me to get up and pray.  I tried sitting in my chair in the family room, but still, no peace.  It wasn’t until I got on my knees and earnestly prayed the details of the situation that peace for that evening came.  Just as Jairus fell on his knees before Jesus, I too learned that desperation and humility go hand in hand.

I don’t think it coincidental that the study of Jairus and our small group’s study of Jonah Chapter 2 (Jonah’s prayer of desperation) were both this week.  Our family was contacted by another family in need of a desperate touch from Jesus.  The circumstances are somewhat strange.  I wouldn’t necessarily call them friends or just acquaintances, but we know them.  To maintain their privacy, I won’t go into details.  But I will say, their world has been turned upside down – marriage, jobs, church, schooling, etc.  They are a beautiful Christian family that I have always respected from a distance.   Now, I respect them a little more up close and personal.  They are in need of restoration, forgiveness, provision and wisdom.  Satan has wreaked havoc in their lives through bad choices, but they are more than conquerors!

My heart is heavy for them.  There is little I can do for them now, but pray.  So tonight, I may be on my knees.  If not, tomorrow will be a day of fasting.

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  1. I want to comment Amy, but I don’t know what to say. I love watching you grow so much in your relationship with the Lord. You’re such an encouragement to those around you! I have no doubt that the family who came to you and Chanch hand picked you guys out of a crowd for that reason.

  2. I’m thankful that you haven’t had to be on your knees for your own desperation.

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