Posted by: amyedwards | March 16, 2010

More than Diamonds

The wedding ring is a symbol of unity with, love for and commitment to your spouse.  It is a representation of  love that has no beginning and no end, a circle of trust.  Gold, silver, platinum or titanium matters not.  Big, little, diamonds, or solid band  makes no difference – the sentiment remains the same.

Numerous times within my 15 year marriage, Chanch has discussed the option of getting me a new wedding ring.  I must admit, my answer wavered.  I mean, what girl doesn’t like new diamonds?  But I’m also very sentimental.  There’s something about that first wedding ring.  Maybe it isn’t as big as some of my friends’ rings, but it represents where we were and what he could afford when he first asked me to marry him.  It carries memories with it.

On the night of our 15th anniversary, we were at a romantic dinner, listening to the band play quiet love songs.  Just before dessert, Chanch asked me if I wanted to slow dance with him.  I recognized the song as “Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow and commented on how appropriate that song was for our night.  Little did I know Chanch had previously arranged it all with the band.  At the close of the song, Chanch went down on one knee, held out a ring box, and proceeded to ask me, “If you were able to do it all over, would you marry me again?”  I, of course, was crying and replied, “Yes, a million times over.”  We kissed and the entire restaurant broke out in applause.  He asked me to open the box and inside was a beautiful diamond wedding ring.  I was so enamored by everything happening, that I didn’t notice it’s significance.  He then told me that my new ring was his mother’s wedding ring.  Now, I was squalling!  I slipped the ring onto my finger, replacing my original ring, and spent the rest of the evening wondering how I could be so blessed.

This ring is so much more than diamonds to me.  It represents, first and foremost, what every wedding ring represents.  But, it also represents a renewed commitment from a husband who loves and trusts me enough to entrust me with such a special family heirloom.  It represents a family that I was blessed beyond measure to marry into and their love for me in honoring me with this privilege.  This gift to me represents what must have been an obvious love that I had for my mother-in-law and she had for me, as her own daughter (Melissa) said she knew her mom would want me to have it.  How blessed I am that Melissa has one of her favored rings too, and was willing to offer Chanch this one rather than leaving it in a jewelry box not to be enjoyed.  Finally, it represents a lady, my late mother-in-law, that I loved and still love more than anyone will ever know.  I still miss her every day.  Her love and commitment to her family was obvious and they continue to carry her beautiful legacy.  I’m so fortunate to be a part of it!

I am so thankful that the man of my dreams understands me.  I could take off my original wedding set and replace it with the new one because of the sentiment it holds.  Hopefully Chanch will be able to give my original to Addilyn one day as a promise ring of her commitment to not remove it until God sends her His perfect one.

And I will wear my new one for the remainder of my lifetime, remembering all that is represents.


  1. Does Chanch give lessons?

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations.

  3. Okay, so I cried watching it on FB and now crying again reading all about it. Even though I already heard it at the playground!!! Enough of the crying already!!! 🙂

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