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Catching up . . .

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for a bit now, but when you haven’t blogged since May of last year it’s kinda hard to find a starting place.  There are lots I should have shared from last year and hated leaving it out by just starting fresh this year.  So what better way to catch up than a Year in Review post – well, a half-year that is.  Let’s see how this long-winded girl can break this down into a readable post – even if I’m the only one who ends up reading it 🙂

Summer vacation is a good place to start!  This year, our family decided to try a beach we used to go to years ago.  In fact, the last time we went to St. Petersburg Beach was the summer before Noah turned 1!  At that time, we were still doing the  extended family vacation thing.  You know where you caravan down with the rest of the extended family, you all stay at the same condo, you all eat at the same meals, etc.  Yeah, not my idea of vacation.  I mean, we created some memories together, but I can’t say they were all good.  And I digress!  We started thinking about where we would go and decided to give St. Pete another try.  We all had a great time with great weather, but have decided that St. Pete is just not the family fun atmosphere we desire.  Myrtle Beach it is NOT!  Blue hair retirement community it most certainly is.  Pop joined us again this year and it was definitely nice to spend the quality time with him.  And we celebrated Addilyn, Colby and Pop’s birthdays while we were there!

Family Photo

We returned from vacation just in time for school to start.  This was a big day for our family!  Not only was it Addilyn’s first day of preschool, but we had also made the decision to take the boys out of the Christian school they had always gone to and start them in public school.  It was not an easy decision, but an obedient one.  The Lord had impressed upon us that it was time to get out of our comfort zone and pay more attention to the needs around us.  The money we spent for a Christian education each month could be better used to minister to others.  God has since given us confirmation after confirmation that His will is always best!  We’ve been able to help several ministries financially, Noah’s behavior improved greatly, and Noah’s stuttering has lessened as he is under less pressure.  Funny how I never noticed that we were forcing him to be someone God did not create him to be.  The boys adjusted nicely at Bay Creek and Addilyn is loving preschool at Victory.   I’m so proud of all 3 of them!

September marked 2 years since Ladrene passed away.  We still miss her every day and each time I look out my front door, I’m reminded of her.  After she passed away, our sunday school class at church purchased a tree to be planted in her memory.  Sweet friends of ours from small group came over to plant it for us and prayed with us to dedicate it in her memory.  This year, I noticed just how beautiful it has grown to be and couldn’t help but think of the beautiful life she lived.

Addilyn and Colby  both received new bicycles for their 4th and 6th birthdays.  Addilyn lasted all of about 2 weeks with training wheels before she was begging to have them removed.  This Momma wasn’t quite ready for my baby to be riding freestyle!  We delayed her for as long as we could, but when she tired of hearing “We’ll do it another day!”, she took a different approach.  When all else fails, ask big brother.  He’s usually quite content to give her what she wants – especially if it means he gets to be the hero!

Somewhere around the time that I quit blogging, I took up crafting and craft blogs.  Before I knew it, I had broken out the sewing machine and was trying my hand at all kinds of projects.  There are so many fun things out there to try, but so little time to do it.  But I was determined to make some Halloween costumes by recycling some things around the house.  That worked great for Addilyn and Colby’s costumes, but no so well for Noah since he’s a bit older.  Not to mention the fact that every year he wears his costume for about 30 minutes and then he’s had enough.  Bad enough to feel like you’ve wasted your money, but I wasn’t going to waste my time too.  During a cleaning rampage just before Halloween, I nearly threw out our Twister game.  The kids never actually play with it, instead they just get it out and then they can’t fold it back up neatly.  Just as I dropped it in the trash it dawned on me that Addilyn needed a costume.

Colby has just gotten into Legos, so a large box, some red spray paint, and some red Solo cups were the perfect combination for a one-of-a-kind costume.  He got tons of attention throughout the night and he ate it up!

Just before Christmas, we sought out to have the dreaded family picture made.  Seeing as how my attempts at the perfect picture never quite work out, I thought it best to let the professionals give it a whirl.  A friend of mine was just getting started in the business and was so happy to take on the project at no cost to us as she was busy building her portfolio.  I was really wanting a different look than the regular studio shots, and I was so happy with the end result.

Addilyn was in her first preschool Christmas program, and what a little Angel she was!

Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve our family had to say goodbye to our beloved Bones.  Our once rescued dog of 4 years had never thought too fondly of men, but had more recently become attracted to the idea of biting.  We had already visited the vet with concerns of his anxiety, but things weren’t getting any better – no matter how hard we tried.  The final straw was when Bones decided to take a bite out of a delivery man’s leg.  We knew we could no longer take any more chances and it was time to say our goodbyes.  We were sad to see him go but knew it was the right thing to do.

So much for the saying “. . . as slow as Christmas.”  Wasn’t it just 15 short posts ago that I was talking about Christmas 2009?  Seriously though, why is it that when you are a kid Christmas seems to never come, but as an adult it is always just around the corner?  The truth is, I love Christmas!  But I must admit that I had a really difficult time getting into the spirit of things this year.  I was sick with some sinus difficulties and a nagging cough for a couple of months prior to Christmas, so that may have had something to do with it.  I’m not really sure the reason, but whatever it was, it held me back.  My house didn’t have nearly the decorations up, I couldn’t get excited about shopping, and making plans were always done at the last minute.  None of that seemed to affect the excitement my children had!  Addilyn was convinced that Santa was going to bring her an American doll that looked like her; Colby wanted Legos and a guitar; and Noah had been asking for an Xbox 360 for a couple of years.  And they were not disappointed!

The boys were also surprised with a special gift – their first guns!  And they couldn’t wait to use them.  So we headed to my sister’s house for a little target practice on Christmas day.

While the boys were enjoying their new guns, Addilyn and I snuck away for a great time with our American dolls.  Daddy was sweet enough to buy Mommy a look-alike American doll for Christmas so that she and Addilyn could build some amazing memories together.  Addilyn was thrilled that Mommy had one too!  So it was off to the American Girl store we would go to get our dolls’ ears pierced, their hair fixed, and enjoy a nice dinner together – just the 4 of us!

And that’s our 2010 – or at least the last half of it.  And I’m not sure who is more excited that it’s over – me or you!  I, for one, am looking forward to starting 2011 with a bang and a blog!



  1. Love this … thanks for the update 🙂

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