Posted by: amyedwards | February 10, 2011

Say It Isn’t Snow!

I’m a huge fan of snow for lots of different reasons.  Who doesn’t like the fluffy, white stuff falling from the sky.  It’s absolutely beautiful and a blast to play in.  But I’ve always said, if it’s going to snow, I want there to be enough to make it worth the time and effort it takes to get the kids all bundled up to go out in it.  Let’s face it, my little ones aren’t going to stay out in the cold very long anyway, but if they are having a good enough time, they just might stay out longer than it took me to locate somewhat appropriate snow clothing and get it all on them.

Last year’s snow was perfect!  The snow was great for building snowmen and sledding down hills.  I even got in on the fun.  And it lasted for just a couple of days – just long enough for everyone to have time to enjoy it, but life not be at a standstill.  This year, on the other hand, was quite different.  We started on Christmas day with snow.  It wasn’t really enough to enjoy playing in, but did add an extra special spark to Christmas since it’s the first time in over a hundred years since Georgia had a white Christmas.  But on January 10th, just as the kids were going back to school after 3 weeks out, snow came again.!!!  We had snow for an entire week.  The kids missed another week of school and practically everything shut down.  I’d like to say it afforded us some great family time, but the truth is — we all got pretty tired of each other.  The first day of snow was very powdery, so it wasn’t much fun for playing in and you couldn’t even build a snowman.  The next day, the light, icy rain came and sealed everything.  It was bitterly cold and just not fun to play in.  Wet, wet, wet!!!  By the third or fourth day, things had warmed up just enough and we were able to make better use of our “sleds” for a short time and Noah even pieced together a snowman.

The snow eventually melted and life went back to normal.  I can’t say I was sad to see it go!  The kids went back to school (after missing again for MLK day that next Monday) and I was left with a dirty fireplace, lots of laundry, and an empty pantry.


  1. That’s the end?!? Lol.
    I thought you were gonna say how beautiful last night’s snow was though and how inabtrusive it was, melting by mid-morning!
    But, I guess you’re over it, huh?
    And you call yourself a fan of the snow. Ha. 😉

  2. This week when it snowed AGAIN, my kids got up that morning, went to the window and were like, “yeah whatever”. Guess it’s not such a big deal anymore this year.

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