Posted by: amyedwards | January 8, 2013

Making a Difference

I’ve been thinking more and more about this topic recently. Maybe the new year has brought it on.  Or maybe it’s the economy these days. Or maybe it’s the example others have set. One thing is for sure, I want to be deliberately looking for ways to make a difference, to BE a difference in others’ lives this year – big or small.

My husband’s brother, David, was recently the recipient of a kidney from a live donor.  You may remember that a kidney disease runs in my husband’s family.  His dad had a transplant numerous years ago.  You can read his story here.

David’s story is very similar. He was told his kidney function had dropped to such a level that he needed to be added to the transplant list.  His wife, Pam, received the news while working at youth camp. She mentioned it to a new friend she was rooming with. That friend went home and told her parents David’s need. Little did Savannah know, God was already working. You see, her dad, Mr. Hembree, had heard a radio program about live donors and had made the decision that he wanted to give a kidney – he just didn’t know who the recipient would be.  He secretly began the testing required and was not surprised to find out he was a perfect match for David Edwards. He had only had a conversation with David once at church, so they were practically strangers.  Why would a man risk his own health to give a stranger a kidney?  Mr. Hembree’s answer was simple:  “Why would God create us with two kidneys and we only need one to live, if he didn’t want us to give the other one away?”  Well, when you put it like that . . .

Mr. Hembree has chosen to make a difference. David will not have to go on dialysis where he would sit in a chair 4 hours a day, three times a week. He will not have to be on a list for years, waiting for the perfect match. He will be at his kids’ ballgames, school events, etc.  His life has been touched by a stranger. Someone willing to put himself aside and be a part of God’s plan.

As we enter a new year, how will God use you?

How will God use me?

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