Posted by: amyedwards | February 10, 2013

A Front Row View

We recently celebrated my Noah’s 11th birthday.  It’s hard to believe that the boy who made me a Mommy is already 11 – just a couple of years from being a teenager.  When he was just a baby, each new milestone was a bit difficult for me.  Sure, I celebrated all of his firsts.  First words, first steps.  Heaven knows, his first full night’s sleep.  And of course, the big First Birthday!  But I found myself always a little sad when it was over.  That first was over – he would never have it again.  I remember expressing the feeling to my sister-in-law, whose kids were older.  In all of her experience and wisdom, she shared with me that there would always be new firsts.  Each stage of life brings new firsts and they are all just as special.  The first time they say their ABC’s; write their name; read a sentence to you; etc.

I have to say, 11 years and 2 additional kids later, I couldn’t agree more.  I have so enjoyed every stage of life for my kids and cherish the memory of all of their firsts.  Of course, the older they get, the fewer firsts they seem to have.  Or maybe you just have to look a little harder for them.  Recently, Noah decided he wanted to compete in his school’s talent show.  I encouraged him to do so, but told him it would take some hard work.  Then I sat back and watched.  He called his friends to wrangle them in, decided on a song, worked on choreography, set up practice times, decided on costumes, and ultimately pulled off a second place win!

I was so proud of the responsibilities he took on.  It was so great to see the leadership qualities he has being put to good use.  He came up with a plan and followed through until the end.  He proved to this Mom that he isn’t just growing older, he’s growing up.  And how blessed am I to get to watch it all from the best seat in the house!

Noah's 1st Birthday


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